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Frequently Asked Questions about Plumbing

At Call First Ltd. Sewer & Plumbing in the Chicago area, we are happy to help you with large and small plumbing problems. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, you can review these questions and answers while you are waiting for repair services from our company. Many people have common questions about sewer lines or clogged drains, so we have compiled the top five plumbing FAQs here.

  1. Why do drains get clogged? For the most part, kitchen drains clog because people get careless with what they put in them. Bathroom drains tend to clog because of hair buildup, and oil residue from soaps and shampoos. Treating them with a drain cleaner can help eliminate clogs but more severe clogs will require professional help.
  2. Do I need a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or a clogged drain? A plumber in the Chicago area is highly skilled at repairing pipes and plumbing related fixtures, and can diagnose and solve problems that you might not be able to detect.
  3. Why does my faucet drip? Usually a dripping faucet is the result of an internal component that needs repairs or replacement. This is an inexpensive and simple fix that can save you tons of money over time.
  4. Is it a big deal if my toilet runs non-stop? Leaky toilets can add hundreds of dollars every year onto your Chicago water bill. A toilet that runs non-stop indicates that some part of the mechanism is faulty.
  5. How can I prevent basement flooding in my home? Yearly sewer maintenance is always recommended however most flooding occurs during heavy rains due to the high volume of water in city drains. The best remedy is to create a closed system by converting to an overhead sewer system or installing a flood prevention system which eliminates the back-flow of water from the public sewer system.

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